LSAT Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension – Traditional And Comparative Reading

LSAT Reading Comprehension – Format – The Terrain


Since The June 11, 2007 LSAT:

Three passages – 5 – 7 questions per passage plus one set of “Comparative Reading” Questions.

For information on this change to the LSAT see our Law School Bound blog.

This discussion will be updated as information on “Comparative Reading” comes available.

The Nature Of Reading Comprehension Passages And Questions

The “main idea” isn’t everything, it’s the only thing! In the words of LSAT:

“Typically, a passage has a single main point. Sometimes the main point of a passage is to present a controversial position and either attack or defend it. Sometimes it is to discuss and critique someone else’s view. Sometimes it is to explain a puzzling phenomenon. Sometimes it is to give an accurate historical account of some important development. All passages will present a number of considerations that are relevant to the main point of the passage; the roles these considerations play are largely determined by the main point.
So how should you approach a Reading Comprehension passage? The single most important thing is to get clear about the main thrust of the passage: what is the passage mainly trying to get across to the reader?

Try to remain focused on the main business of the passage, because the entire passage is focused around that.”

– The Official LSAT SuperPrep – page 40

All questions in LSAT Reading Comprehension focus on the main idea directly or on how the various parts of the passage contribute to the development of the main idea.

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