LSAT Logical Reasoning II

Logical Reasoning 2 – Flawed Logic And Parallel Reasoning

Flawed Logic And Parallel Reasoning

Parallel Reasoning and Flawed Logic questions are among the most difficult question types in Logical Reasoning. They tend to be long (a scary prospect when you are running out of time) and comprehensive.

Remember that the LSAT is a test of “reading and reasoning in context.
Many people approach these questions by looking for a formula. Although a formula (using the rules of conditional statements and the like) can be helpful, it is never a substitute for understanding the internal logic of the question.

Furthermore, both the right and wrong answers to these questions tend to have specific characteristics that are repeated from test to test.

This tutorial may be what you need to get that extra two to three questions right in Logical Reasoning!

Upcoming Dates:

S. 1 – Saturday May 25/13 – 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

$150 + HST – or take this seminar for free as part of our full-length LSAT Preparation courses.
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