LSAT Logical Reasoning I

Logical Reasoning 1 – How The Argument Goes

“How The Argument Goes

Once you have identified the premises and the conclusion, the next is to get clear about exactly how the argument is meant to go; that is, how the grounds offered for the conclusion are actually supposed to bear on the conclusion. Understanding how the argument goes is a crucial step in answering many questions that appear on the LSAT. This includes questions that ask you to identify a reasoning technique used within an argument, questions that require you to match the patterning of reasoning used in two separate arguments and a variety of other question types.
Determining how the argument goes involves discerning how the premises are supposed to support the overall conclusion.

– page 16 “The Official LSAT SuperPrep.”

You will notice that this is very non-technical language. That is deliberate. LSAT cannot use language that would require a specific academic background to understand.

How The Argument Goes – A Three Dimensional Analysis

Dimension 1: The Argument or Passage;
Dimension 2: The Questions;
Dimension 3 : The Answer Choices

Every question involves analyzing the interplay among these three dimensions.
This tutorial will focus on understanding exactly how the argument is intended to go, the basic question types and how LSAT obscures the answers.


S. 1 – Saturday May 11/13  – 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

$150 + HST – or take this seminar for free as part of our full-length LSAT Preparation courses.
To register email: torontolsattutoring [at] gmail dot com


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