LSAT Logic Games II

Logic Games II – Positioning and The Proper Construction and Use Of Diagrams

This tutorial complements Logic Games I. Although the Logic Games I tools include diagramming related tools, Logic Games II is a tutorial dedicated to the role and use of diagrams on the LSAT.

Most books and LSAT courses focus on the mechanics of how to draw diagrams. Although this is helpful, it is only part of the big picture. When it comes to diagramming there are at least three issues:

1. When – At What Point Should You Construct Your Diagram? How Do You Know This?
Hint: It is wrong to presume that you should always begin by drawing a diagram.

2. How – What are the mechanics for drawing the picture and creating a usable (not all usable diagrams have to look the same) diagram the first time?
Hint: Although there may be a number of different kinds of games, one approach to diagramming will handle them all.

3. Then – How Do You Use The Diagram Once Drawn?
Hint: Many people do NOT know how to use the diagram once it has been drawn.
Remember that a good diagram by itself will not increase your LSAT score. It’s what you do with it!

Upcoming Dates:

S. 1 – Sunday May 5/13  – 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
$150 + HST – or take this seminar for free as part of our full-length LSAT Preparation courses.
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