LSAT Logic And Language

LSAT Logic And Language …

And The Relationship Between Them

Tutorial Description:

All LSAT problems are composed of the stimulus (rules and/or information), the question (what are you asked to do with the rules and information) and the answer choices (which choice most accurately captures the relationship between the question and the stimulus).

The LSAT is a test of reading and reasoning in context.

Your best performance on the LSAT will be depend on your ability to recognize how:

– language and logic interact; and
– how LSAT uses language to obscure simple ideas.

This seminar will focus on:

* the rules of inference needed to make quick deductions;
* the specific vocabulary of the LSAT (sometimes words don’t mean what you think);
* how to separate background context from primary information
* conditional statements and reasoning
* does one sentence always equal one thought?
* how the order that information is presented changes the result.

For an excellent LSAT Prep Primer :

For Richardson LSAT Preparation Courses:

Upcoming Dates: TBA

If you see the importance of LSAT logic and language you might want to consider Pre-LSAT Prep.

$150 + HST – or take this seminar for free as part of our full-length LSAT Preparation courses.

To register: email torontolsattutoring [at] gmail dotcom


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